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Quinten studied at the legendary University of North Texas School of Music, which led to his first CD (Aspects of the Soul). While at the School of Music, Quinten performed with the famous UNT Lab Band and wrote compositions that are still performed today. It was Quinten's second CD (Start of a New Day) that led to a friendship with Rock-N-Roll Hall-of-Famer and Grammy winner Will Lee, along with Dan Wojciechowski and Bradley Knight. All three heavy hitters returned to record Quinten's critically acclaimed third CD (Reunion), which is his most personal to date.


As a Mesa Boogie Artist/Endorsee, Quinten focuses on creating definitively huge guitar sounds. Quinten's music was featured in a documentary on the history of Mesa Boogie and it's founder Randall Smith on the Ion Channels series, The World's Best. He has been a demand in the studio scene and has worked with many heavy hitters in the musical arena.


Between performing, writing, session work, and producing, Quinten Hope's name has become more and more prominent on the "hot list" of players and himself, a highly sought after talent. When he isn't performing with his own band, he's sharing that perfect tone with his wife Chaz Marie.  Together, they have formed an Americana Band and have written a highly anticipated project due out the first quarter 2020.  Quinten is also working on his own anticipated project, His first single Shoreline, featuring Monte Montgomery is out now so check it out!  

For more information, send us an email on the contact poge.   

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